Partnerships and research

Affiliation with the University of Florida

Unlike most other university-affiliated communities, Oak Hammock has a true symbiotic relationship with UF. The University of Florida didn't just lend its name to the project - it was integrally involved in every step of development, providing valuable input from a variety of colleges ranging from Medicine and Nursing . . . to Pharmacy . . . to Veterinary Medicine. The relationship between Oak Hammock and UF benefits community members and the University alike. Here are just a few examples:

  • Because our 22,000-sq.-ft. Fitness Center is affiliated with UF's College of Health and Human Performance, attention has been paid to the smallest detail - from installing the right equipment to calibrating the ideal temperatures for the swimming pools.
  • The College of Dentistry staffs an on-site dental suite.
  • The College of Veterinary Medicine operates a Veterinary Clinic at Oak Hammock, offering routine wellness care. Pet sitting is also offered.
  • The College of Journalism and Communications helps to support high-tech community TV and radio stations.
  • The College of Fine Arts provides performance venues and entertainment options, both at Oak Hammock and on campus at state-of-the-art facilities.

The Oak Hammock/UF relationship is a "win-win" if ever there was one.


A Unique Relationship with Shands Hospital: The Shands Oak Hammock Advantage

Oak Hammock is especially proud of our special relationship with Shands Hospital, the teaching hospital associated with the University of Florida. In partnership with Oak Hammock at the University of Florida, Shands Hospital has created the Oak Hammock Advantage Program, open to any member of our community at no additional cost. The program provides members with direct access to in-patient and out-patient healthcare services, wellness programs, and physicians and surgeons at the University of Florida and Shands Healthcare. Other benefits include:

  • Health and wellness seminars and screenings
  • A personal health profile and assessment
  • One telephone number to schedule physician appointments
  • Assistance with referrals



Research at Oak Hammock


Oak Hammock is a Life Fulfilling Community®. An important part of the Oak Hammock life is our close partnership with the University of Florida. In addition to the educational and cultural opportunities this partnership affords, Oak Hammock also offers members the opportunity to participate in research studies and clinical trials.

The Board of Directors at Oak Hammock has appointed a University of Florida faculty liaison to review all protocols.  This review has two major functions. First, the liaison provides a single point of contact, so members and researchers know where to go to find out about the latest research studies and offerings in one convenient location. Second, the liaison screens all studies seeking to recruit participants at Oak Hammock. In addition to protecting the safety and comfort of members, the liaison also strives to maintain an orderly flow of research projects, so that members have a reasonable number of opportunities to select from at any time.


To request permission to recruit at Oak Hammock, email the following documents to Michael Marsiske at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : IRB protocol approval letter; stamped consent form, stamped flyers and other approved marketing collaterals, approved protocol.


If your proposal is approved, your flyer will be emailed to the Oak Hammock Dean of Residents, who will disseminate it to independently living Oak Hammock members. Members will be directed to contact investigators as indicated on your flyer.