Lifelong Learning

The Institute for Learning in Retirement

For added intellectual stimulation, life enrichment and networking opportunities, Oak Hammock members can enjoy the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) – a cooperative venture among Oak Hammock, UF and Elderhostel. Continuing education programs are presented by University of Florida professors, as well as experts in particular fields of study – and classes are held right on the Oak Hammock campus. Classes are free to Oak Hammock members with only a minimal charge for course materials; however, classes are open to Gainesville area residents who are 55 and over.

The ILR covers a wide variety of subjects – including interesting classes in literature, art and music appreciation, history, creative writing classes, philosophy and current events. And here's the real bonus: No tests, grades or prerequisites. And homework is optional. If courses such as "The Role of the Media in the 21st Century" and "Africa: A Continent in Change" sound like something you would be interested in, click here for a complete list of ILR courses.

Just a few of the ILR courses offered:

The Impact of Global Warming on Human Conditions
Music in the Romantic Era
Playwriting Workshop
Why Mathematics Really Does Count
Energy for the Future
Ancient Peoples of the Western Hemisphere
Southern Literature: Three Pulitzer Prize Winning Southern Writers