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Infection Control

Infection Control

Playing Our Part

At Oak Hammock, we are committed to providing exceptional care for all of the residents living in all areas of our campus. It is our pleasure to offer our residents services and amenities as they age in place with us. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees, vendors and volunteers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to preserve the well-being of everyone at Oak Hammock. 

Our active infection control team has been monumental in keeping our COVID-19 positivity rate at an industry low. The group has been working together tirelessly with local, regional, state and federal agencies to remain up-to-date with the latest health and safety protocols and guidelines. 

As we move forward, we continue to enforce several safety precautions: 

  • We require that everyone wear masks in all indoor common areas.  
  • We require all staff members to wear masks on campus and proper personal protective equipment where necessary.
  • We continue to educate and train our team as we learn of new COVID-19 infection control information.
  • We are focused on educating and motivating residents, family members, loved ones, staff, vendors and volunteers about vaccination benefits.
  • We conduct health screens at the community entrance gate for all visitors/vendors/deliveries.
  • We require bi-weekly testing for all in-home health aides.
  • We conduct staff testing as necessary, per state guidelines.
  • We have strategically placed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our campus.
  • Our diligent housekeeping team continues to disinfect all common areas and frequently touched surfaces.
  • We aim to frequently communicate the most current and accurate information with our residents, family members and staff with only the most current and accurate information. 

COVID-19 Infection Control Task Force: 

Troy Cannaday, Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Davey, Chief Financial Officer
Marie Okronley, Health Pavilion Administrator
Michell Parker, RN, Director of Nursing
Brittany Matus-Ray, LPN, Assistant Director of Nursing
Elaine Dotten, LPN, Infection Control Nurse
Leah Watkins, Assisted Living Manager
Teresa O’Hara, Human Resources Director
Katherine Osman, Community Services Director
Nickie Doria, Marketing and Sales Director
Eric Carroll, Security Chief
Bob Stott, IT Director
Jon Goldstein, Food & Dining Services Director
Martha Rader, Independent Living Resident/Residents’ Council President

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