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CITRUS Study at Oak Hammock

CITRUS Study at Oak Hammock

Playing Our Part

With close ties to the University of Florida and hundreds of other academic institutions across the country, our community members understand the importance of high-level research and clinical trials aimed at advancements for the world as we know it. 

At Oak Hammock, we are enthusiastic about our participation in the CITRUS study, also known as COVID-19 Illness and Testing among Retirement Communities in the U.S. This Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, study is managed by Abt Associates, a global firm who began enrolling participants in the CITRUS study in December 2020. Oak Hammock is one of two senior community research sites in Florida and has the most active, voluntary enrollees in the study. 

The CITRUS study was initiated to understand better the impact the COVID-19 virus has on senior populations. However, a vaccine was developed and released quicker than anticipated and the study quickly morphed into more detailed research aimed at studying the post vaccine immune response across time among seniors.  

For the study duration, Oak Hammock’s 155 research participants provide weekly nasal swabs from which they receive individual PCR COVID-19 test results. They also participate in weekly phone calls reporting any COVID-19 related symptoms and provide quarterly blood draws. From this data, the research team is learning about the duration and strength of protection from the vaccine. They may also be able to evaluate how the vaccine protects against emerging COVID-19 variants. The Oak Hammock study team also participates in weekly coordinating phone calls with the CDC team and the study team from the other participating site.  

This significant study will help scientists understand details of the body’s immune system reaction to COVID-19 vaccines and gauge the antibody response in the senior population.

National and local media have taken an interest in our residents' participation in the CITRUS Study.

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