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Safeguards in Place

Safeguards in Place

Current safeguards in place


Vaccinations have been made available to residents and staff in the Health Pavilion at Oak Hammock. More than 140 people have been vaccinated. Management is working with the Alachua County Department of Health and other pharmacy partners to set up additional vaccination clinics for residents and staff in Independent Living. 

General Safeguards

  • In addition to precautions already in place, management at Oak Hammock is asking new residents who are making the move to Oak Hammock to self-quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative test result prior to move-in.  
  • Construction contractors who are onsite working at Oak Hammock are doing so as essential business workers (permitted so by local and federal governments.) They are being screened at the security gate. They have been asked to minimize activity around campus, restrict their presence to job sites only and wear masks.
  • Oak Hammock residents who choose/need to self-quarantine (for whatever reason) will be provided guidelines and tips. If they have questions, they can call 352-548-1012.
  • The health care staff in the Health Pavilion are putting trending measures in place to more closely monitor residents and patients for subtle changes in vital signs. They are also putting measures in place to monitor the temperature trends of staff members.

Infection Control and Management Safeguards

  • Infection control practices are in place. The Oak Hammock infection control team is mobilized. A coronavirus task force has been developed to implement daily precautions and protocols.  
  • The infection control team/task force is aware of federal and state guidelines and protocols.  
  • Management participating in daily/weekly calls hosted by local, regional, state and federal agencies.

Access Safeguards

  • Any guest entering the main gate will be screened via questionnaire.  
  • The Health Pavilion at Oak Hammock is under restricted access. Scheduled visitation is permitted. Call 352-548-1142 for more information.

Staff Safeguards

  • Staff who do not have work stations or business in the Health Pavilion should avoid the area.
  • Essential staff who work at the Health Pavilion are required to wear masks at all times and gloves when caring for any patient.

Cleaning Safeguards

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed in strategic locations throughout campus. 
  • Clorox Total 360 electrostatic disinfectant spray system is in place in case of local diagnosis.
  • Housekeeping teams are wiping high touch surfaces in all common areas daily, including doors, doorknobs, handrails, elevator push buttons, tables, chairs, armrests, reception areas, public phones, public computers, bathroom fixtures, toilets, sinks, water fountain push-buttons, etc.
  • Areas are being cleaned using disposable microfiber cloths and disposable mop heads/wipes.
  • Most areas are being disinfected using Virex TB, a hospital-grade disinfectant
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