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The Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund

The Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund

Where Residents Are Ensured a Home for Life

As part of the Oak Hammock family, we believe that retirement shouldn’t come with financial fears or concerns. Even before Oak Hammock opened its doors, the Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund was founded, allowing for assistance to residents who, due to unforeseen financial circumstances and economic conditions, become unable to pay their full monthly fees. A substantial benevolent fund is essential for these unique situations to avoid recuperation through Oak Hammock operating expenses.

The Benevolent Fund was initiated with a generous donation from Frank Duckworth, who served as president of the original board of directors for Oak Hammock. It was his vision and commitment to Oak Hammock that formed the cornerstone of the Benevolent Fund. Subsequent donations have been made to the fund from residents and through sponsors of the annual Oak Hammock Golf Tournament.

Current residents are encouraged to consider the Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund when going through the process of estate planning, and when designating trust/will beneficiaries. Donations to the Benevolent Fund are tax deductible.

Please contact our marketing team for complete details on this program and our commitment to our residents by calling 352-231-8600.

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