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Benevolent Fund at Oak Hammock

Friends Helping Friends

Oak Hammock at the University of Florida has an established benevolent fund specifically for residents living at Oak Hammock who are experiencing unforeseen financial circumstances or economic hardship through no fault of their own. Frank Duckworth, the first president of the Oak Hammock Board of Directors, was the first donor to the fund. His generosity, commitment and vision laid the groundwork for the Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund, which has been helping residents in need since 2016.

As we move through life, we are aware of unseen benefactors whose kindness lifts others and carries them forward. The Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund provides security for our residents. Your support has the power to strengthen and accelerate the comfort and care of every recipient.

A study by Leading Age suggests that CCRC’s should anticipate approximately 1% of residents will exhaust their financial resources prior to end-of-life. Benevolent care programs are promulgated to provide care for those few.

Resident Testimony

“Now that I am receiving help from the Benevolent Fund, I realize it is truly confidential. There has not been a single hint that anybody else knows. I can continue to hold my head high here at Oak Hammock and in the outside community. I continue to be active in groups and  am able to represent Oak Hammock in the community. I also continue my participation on several Oak Hammock committees.  I am so thankful that the Benevolent Fund exists! I feel that the good community deeds that I performed in my eight decades, in various places that I have lived, have not been for naught. The Oak Hammock Benevolent Fund certainly performs a community service!”