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Our Outstanding Employees Really Do Make the Difference at Oak Hammock

Our Outstanding Employees Really Do Make the Difference at Oak Hammock

You Make the Difference

Working at Oak Hammock, members of our staff have the opportunity to enrich and touch the lives of our residents. Whether it is going beyond to make a resident feel comfortable, taking more excellent care and time when needed, or even potentially saving a resident’s life, going above and beyond is something that we at Oak Hammock value considerably in our employed personnel.

That is why we offer the You Make the Difference reward program, where we take the time to highlight some of the fantastic staff members that have exceeded their duty and truly impacted our residents’ lives.

With members of Oak Hammock being able to write in employees' names, this is our way of saying thank you to the people that make Oak Hammock the organization it is, day in and day out.

Below are some of our past winners, be sure to check them out!

Mary Salvamoser
Executive Assistant

Mary always looks for ways to help others. When we were short-staffed in housekeeping, she pitched in and came to all the administrative offices daily to empty our trash. Thanks, Mary!

Teresita Perry

Some of us are honest, hardworking, by the book humans. We do “IT” the correct way even when no one is looking. This describes Teresita Perry. A night nurse says she is relieved when she comes on shift and sees Teresita! She cleans the right way; she’s more consistent in her cleaning methods; she is quiet & stays to herself. Teresita is very thorough in what she does and is very helpful when something needs to be done. She is always smiling (I can tell by her eyes). She is appreciated for her dedication!

Sheldon Clarke
Health Pavilion Line Cook

Sheldon left Jan Harmon a voicemail about a resident in Skilled Nursing who asked him about moving her bed. Sheldon not only called Jan to notify her, but he followed up by coming to her office to make sure the resident could get her needs met. Great job!

Jessica Bukas
IL Dining Server

Jessica was recently recognized for her outstanding service in the dining room. She has amazing attention to detail, and she remembers residents' preferences by heart. She takes extra care to provide top-notch service, and she receives compliments nearly every day! Thank you, Jessica, for always giving 110%. 

Noimie Harwood

Noimie is a member of the housekeeping team. Several months ago, she encouraged a resident to see a doctor after noticing signs of an illness. The resident took her advice and was diagnosed, treated and is now recovering. Noimie is observant and caring. Her awareness of this resident’s health played a part in saving a life. Thank you for all you do Noimie!

Leah Watkins
Assisted Living Manager

Leah, in recieving this award, showed oustanding efforts to make residents' lives more enjoyable during the time of limited visitation and quarantine. Recently, Leah came to campus on her day off to help one of our residents attend her son's wedding via Zoom! Leah goes above and beyond every day with the residents as her top priority. Thanks for all you do, Leah!

Elaine Dotten
Infection Control Nurse

Elaine is the infection control nurse on campus, and her responsibilities have quadrupled in the last several months. We recognize Elaine’s dedication to our residents and staff, and we thank her for her unwavering determination to keep our community safe!

Rebekah Browne
Dining Server

Rebekah Brownewent above and beyond as a first-time server in our private dining room to make Christmas special for residents and their families. She was happy to spend Christmas with the residents of Oak Hammock because they are like family to her. Thanks, Rebecca, for making the difference at Oak Hammock!

Crystal Canfall
Health Pavilion Activities Assistant

Crystal Canfall goes above and beyond for our residents. After one resident had an injury to her foot, she was unable to go to Publix to pick up the special kind of Greek yogurt and muffins that she eats. Crystal made a special trip to Publix to pick these items up for this resident. It meant a lot to her and we are so proud to have Crystal as part of our Oak Hammock staff.

Amanda Benham

Amanda is a housekeeper in independent living, and she is known for always going above and beyond. Recently, while working in a resident's home, she noticed a leak in the roof. Immediately, Amanda took preventative action and reported the leak. Then she did everything in her power to make sure the leak did not cause any damage. Amanda made such a big difference by doing this small action, but it is the little things like this that make Amanda stand out.

Erik Colomer-Rodriguez
Maintenance Member

Erik assisted a resident's husband when his increasing illness caused him to become agitated with his caregiver due to work that was being done at the time. Erik's prompt intervention helped to de-escalate the husband's anxiety, with Erik's calming conversation with him in Spanish providing a personal touch to the situation. It is always comforting to hear stories of staff helping where they can!

Andy Wilkerson
Maintenance Member

Andy helped to repair a resident's husband's favorite chair, which held great sentimental value to the resident as her husband had recently passed. His creativity and willingness to repair the chair himself touched the resident. Her gratefulness for his assistance and kindness has made him a valued member of the You Make the Difference award winners. 

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