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Frequently Asked Questions - IL Residents

Frequently Asked Questions - IL Residents

Frequently Asked Questions for IL Residents

  • Should I cancel travel plans? 
  • Residents should avoid traveling via mass transit at this time. 
  • Should I cancel my incoming guests? 
  • Visitors are not permitted. This restricts personal guests, friends, family members who do not have essential business here on campus. (Caregivers and companions providing essential health-care services are permitted.) 
  • If I have traveled recently via air or cruise ship, what should I do? 
  • Report your travel plans/previous activities when screened. Follow protocols to self-quarantine. Notify the community services staff of upcoming travel plans by calling 352-548-1000.  
  • If I am currently infected with pneumonia, flu, what should I do?
  • Speak to your primary care provider or another health provider about being tested for COVID-19.
  • If I am concerned that I may have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, what should I do? 
  • The Center for Disease Control is suggesting that people call/seek medical attention from their primary care providers if they feel they may have symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19. You should also notify a member of the executive team at Oak Hammock so that testing may be made available to you. 
  • What is Project Safety Net?
  • Project Safety Net is a resident/staff-driven effort to implement a rudimentary check-in system for all residents in the IL apartments. The system involves pieces of yarn and post it notes on doors and is being monitored by community services staff and residents.  
  • Are the guest suites still available for booking? Are we canceling any of the current reservations? 
  • Guest suite reservations are not being accepted at this time.  
  • Are new IL residents still able to proceed with move-in plans? 
  • Yes, new residents will be permitted to proceed with move-in plans. 
  • Should we avoid going to the Health Pavilion?
  •  Only essential staff and AL and SN residents are permitted entry to the Health Pavilion. 
  • Are all events, travel plans and transportation plans being canceled? 
  • Most trips and outings organized by Oak Hammock staff have been canceled. For an updated transportation schedule, call Kathy Subak at 352-548-1064.   
  • What are the best sources of updates for us? 
  • Members of the Oak Hammock leadership team are sending email updates via E-team. They are also sending messages via the OneCall system. If you would like to be added to the OneCall system, call Susan Young at 352-548-1000. Updates will also be posted at, and FAQs will be posted on Residents can refer to whiteboards in the main lobby, via signage at doorways and on Resident Apps. 
  • Where can we voice concerns, questions, get clarification about rumors?
  •  We have set up an email address for questions, concerns and rumors at [email protected]. We have also created a hotline for people to call at 352-548-1195.  
  • Can we use an Uber/Lyft/taxi for transportation/food delivery? 
  • The use of these services should be minimized. Orders for residents in the IL apartments should be dropped off at the reception desk for pick up.  
  • Can I order groceries for delivery?
  • Residents can order groceries from Publix, and they can work with staff at community services to arrange for pick up, if necessary. Call the concierge desk at 352-548-1001. 
  • Is OH permitting regular mail/package delivery?
  • Package delivery will be modified for IL residents. All personal packages for IL apartment residents will be delivered to the main lobby reception desk. Residents who are expecting a package can come down to the front desk for receipt. All delivery drivers will be screened at the gate. Residents who live in homes and villas can have packages delivered directly to their residences. 
  • If I have to go out to the hospital, will you allow me to return to my home/apartment or into SN, if necessary? Will you accept me to SN? 
  • Yes, we are permitting the hospital transfers back to the OH community into any level of care. People transferring in and out of the hospital will go through screening protocols put in place by state and federal regulatory agencies. Residents who live in IL should self-quarantine for 14 days upon return from the hospital.
  • If I am in SN, will you allow me back to IL upon discharge? 
  • We are permitting people who are in SN to go back to IL upon discharge and proper screening protocols.
  • Do you have masks for IL residents to wear?
  • A limited supply of masks is available for residents. A member of the community services staff can assist with requests.
  • Will Oak Hammock provide transportation to places like grocery stores and church? 
  • At this time, all IL group transportation has been suspended. Members of the community services teams are working to provide alternatives for residents.
  • Is the beauty shop/barber shop still open?
  • The beauty shops and the barber shop are open as of May 19, 2020.
  • Can Oak Hammock obtain more hand sanitizer for resident use?
  • The housekeeping manager is looking for sources of hand sanitizer that can distribute in large quantities. When/if found, staff will distribute in various ways throughout campus.
  • Is Oak Hammock allowing construction/contracted vendors to continue work on campus?
    Construction contractors who are onsite working at Oak Hammock are doing so as essential business workers (permitted by local and federal governments.) They are being screened at the security gate. They have been asked to minimize activity around campus, restrict their presence to job sites only and wear masks.
  • Are all staff members being instructed to avoid crossing from one level of care to another / one area of campus to another? Yes. For those staff who must cross into various areas of our campus, we designated shower/changing areas to utilize before moving from one area to another.
  • Are aides and CNAs not employed by Oak Hammock being asked to avoid crossing perimeters between levels of care?  
    Yes, we have reached out to the providers who work to provide supplemental support and have asked them to avoid crossing into various areas of our campus without showering and changing clothes.

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