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Frequently Asked Questions - Staff

Frequently Asked Questions - Staff

Frequently Asked Questions – Staff

  • Am I allowed to travel and return to work?
  • If you have traveled to or from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Louisiana within the last 14 days, you will not be able to return to work for 14 days. 
  • Can I come to work with a cold? 
  • If you have symptoms of a cold, you should discuss with your manager. Anyone with a known fever will not be permitted entry to the Oak Hammock campus.
  • If I am concerned that I may have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, what should I do?
  • The Centers for Disease Control is suggesting that people call/seek medical attention from their primary care providers if they feel they may have symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19. You should also report to your manager, and you should NOT return to work until you have acquired a negative test result.
  • If I have a fever, when am I allowed to return to work? 
  • You should be fever-free for 48 hours before returning to work. 
  • Can my friend/family member bring me to/from work? 
  • Yes. Friends and family will be screened at the gate. Only necessary entry will be permitted.
  • Can I take an Uber/Taxi/Lyft to/from work? 
  • Yes. Anyone entering the Oak Hammock campus will be screened for virus symptoms, fever and recent travel.
  • What is the best way to keep up with on-going updates? 
  • Staff should stay informed via managers. Daily updates are being sent to all staff members who have email addresses. OneCall updates will be made frequently for all staff and residents registered. If you would like to be added to the One Call system, ask your manager. Staff can also refer to or to the Staff Communicator for updates. FAQs will be posted at 
  • Can new staff members proceed with start dates? Hire dates? 
  • Yes. Ask your manager or supervisor for guidance.
  • Are we on a hiring freeze? 
  • No. We will be finding other ways to conduct the business of the human resources department.  
  • Should I be prepared for lessened hours or overtime? 
  • As the coronavirus situation evolves, managers may need to adjust staff schedules. We are asking that staff members remain flexible. Staff responsibilities may be adjusted or changed based on evolving needs. 
  • If I am not able to report to work through no fault of my own, will I be charged PTO or docked pay?
  • For those who are not able to report to work through no fault of their own, Oak Hammock management is exploring ways to address PTO/payment during absence. For specific questions, employees should seek guidance from the human resources department. 
  • Is Oak Hammock allowing construction/contracted vendors to continue work on campus?
    Construction contractors who are onsite working at Oak Hammock are doing so as essential business workers (permitted by local and federal governments.) They are being screened at the security gate. They have been asked to minimize activity around campus, restrict their presence to job sites only and wear masks.
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