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Visiting the Health Pavilion

Visiting the Health Pavilion

Playing Our Part

The Health Pavilion falls under the guidance of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, and we adhere to their recommendations.

Health Pavilion Visitation Guidelines (as of May 6, 2022)

  • All visitors must sign in and pass a health screening test before entering the Health Pavilion.
  • Residents and staff can enter the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities through the Independent Living entranceways. There is an Accushield kiosk placed at both entrances, similar to the one located in the Skilled Nursing lobby, and everyone must check-in at the kiosk prior to entering. Signing-in is a quick procedure, and a sticker with your name and the date will be generated automatically. Please wear that sticker when you’re inside the facility.
  • KN-95 masks will be provided to all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, and must be worn at all times when in common areas or outside of resident rooms.
  • Vaccinated visitors and residents can remove masks in the resident’s room; unvaccinated cannot.
  • Visitation is permitted in room, outdoors and in lobby areas. Oak Hammock residents are permitted in common areas or in locations where activities are being held, but visitation is not presently allowed in common areas or dining areas.
  • Visitors do not need an appointment to visit anyone the Health Pavilion.
  • There is not a limit to the number of visitors a resident may have at one time.
  • Being tested or vaccinated is not a condition of visitation, but it is encouraged to keep our residents and staff safe. If the visitor is unvaccinated or if the visitor declines to disclose their vaccination status, the visitor should wear a mask and face shield at all times.
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