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Resident Testimonials

Don't Take Our Word for it. Hear from People that Call Oak Hammock Home!

I am delighted to do activities I greatly enjoy, such as walking, gardening, cooking, shopping for nothing, or simply DOING nothing. It is lovely to be in command of my time.

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– Ray & Anne Goldwire

One thing that’s unique about Oak Hammock – if you don’t see an activity you’d like to do, you are encouraged to start it up! For example, we have started a wine club where we learn about and try different wines.

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– Norm & Linda Cooney

I value most of the community’s diversity; it’s very diverse in terms of professional backgrounds and locations where people are from. So many of us reinvent ourselves and do things differently from what we’ve done in our professional lives.

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– Michael Plaut

It is very comforting to know that our future is in good hands and our families will not have to carry the load as we age. It is as though the residents have been carefully selected for characteristics that make the ideal community.

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– Joe & Heather Gilkey

We were determined to find an excellent care facility into which we could move when we were still young and healthy enough to not only make a move but to be able to enjoy this wonderful community.

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– George & Karen Arola

Many people don’t realize the levels of care you have here and that they are all under one roof. It’s set up for an easy transition and very easy to visit others. To me, health care is an essential factor. Oak Hammock has the best-rated Skilled Nursing facility in Gainesville, with all private rooms.

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– Rod & Peg Owens

We were drawn to Oak Hammock by its natural setting and its affiliation with the university as well as access to good healthcare and cultural events.

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– Tom & Judy Gire

My mother lived to be 98, and she belonged to a CCRC, where she went through independent, assistant, and nursing care. As her caretaker, it made my life so much easier, and I wanted to make it easy on my kids as I aged. When the time was right for me to come, I just knew. I am also crazy about the gators and love Gainesville, and it just seemed to fit. The university town brings with it art, culture, sports, and good healthcare.

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– Pat Blews

I find it really interesting to talk to people that are really accomplished. I also like the continued learning. It’s more than just the Institute for Learning in Retirement. I would have never gone to the retired Florida faculty meetings but every one of them has a lecture by a subject matter expert about something I do not know about.

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– Bill & Deb Rossi

There are unbelievable people here. They have been so welcoming to us. They have such rich experiences and a variety of educational backgrounds. It truly is a learning community and we are so excited to be a part of it.

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– John & Daun Spindler

John and Daun are so excited to be a part of the Oak Hammock community. Like many of our residents, they plan to focus on continuing education and staying active and healthy. Oak Hammock provides them with many amenities and ILR courses so they can reach their goals. Oak Hammock provides a fulfilling life in retirement to residents who lived full careers, like John and Daun Spindler.

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