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Our Outstanding Employees Really Do Make the Difference at Oak Hammock

You Make the Difference

Working at Oak Hammock, members of our staff have the opportunity to enrich and touch the lives of our residents. Whether it is going beyond to make a resident feel comfortable, taking more excellent care and time when needed, or even potentially saving a resident’s life, going above and beyond is something that we at Oak Hammock value considerably in our employed personnel.

That is why we offer the You Make the Difference reward program, where we take the time to highlight some of the fantastic staff members that have exceeded their duty and truly impacted our residents’ lives.

With members of Oak Hammock being able to write in employees’ names, this is our way of saying thank you to the people that make Oak Hammock the organization it is, day in and day out.

Below are some of our past winners, be sure to check them out!

Lizzy Alexander

Schedule Coordinator - Assisted Living

For Lizzy, being a team player is never difficult. She stepped forward due to a staffing issue and ensured everything went seamlessly. We’re so thankful to have her with us! Thank you for making a difference at Oak Hammock, Lizzy.

Iesha Flowers

Restaurant Assistant Manager - Dining Services

Going above and beyond for our members comes naturally to Iesha. We’re thankful for her hard work at Oak Hammock over the past four years. Thank you for being a light in difficult situations and making a difference, Iesha!

Norman Garrison

Floor Technician - Housekeeping

Norman made the quality of service his passion when it came to helping a resident. An unexpected flood broke out in one of the independent living apartments, and Norman promptly responded and assisted! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to being a team player, Norman! You truly made a difference for Oak Hammock.

Francie Lecounte

L.P.N. - Skilled Nursing

After a touching occasion with a family member of one of our residents, we truly appreciate the quality of care, service, and dedication Francie provides for our residents. Thank you for going above and beyond with what you do. The Oak Hammock family incredibly appreciates you.

Kim Miller

Receptionist - Community Services

Speaking of going above and beyond, Kim truly made a difference when a resident lost her cellphone on a shopping trip! After calling each location and noting the phone’s whereabouts, Kim could locate the employee who had it and returned it safely to the resident. Thank you for your kind acts and diligence in helping residents. You make the difference, Kim.