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Institute for Learning in Retirement


The Institute for Learning in Retirement, or ILR, is a vibrant community of retirement-age members who are engaged in lifelong learning, personal fulfillment and continuing education through participation in a variety of courses, programs and activities.

Peer learning is at the heart of the ILR concept. Personal fulfillment is the primary goal. Self-motivated adults who wish to enhance their own educational experiences can achieve these aspirations through ILR programs in a relaxed collegiate atmosphere.

The only requirements are a desire to learn and actively participate in a flexible, non-competitive environment.

  • ILR membership is open to all adults of retirement age, regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation.
  • Several hundred residents from Gainesville and the surrounding communities currently participate in ILR programs.

ILR has operated since 2001 in partnership with the University of Florida, and in-person classes take place on the Oak Hammock campus.

Because of the relationship with the University of Florida, it was natural for the ILR to recognize academic research of undergraduate and graduate students that addresses important issues in the aging process. The ILR hosts two annual research poster exhibitions, enabling participating UF and Santa Fe College students to showcase their work and be recognized for their scientific contributions.