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Participants Suggestions for ILR Course Topics and Speakers

The committees that plan the Institute for Learning in Retirement courses are looking for new ideas on course topics and speakers from ILR members.

Are there any topics that you would especially like to see included among our course offerings? For example, in the humanities, would you like a course on the Eastern European history, world religions, the literature of Latin America or current political issues in Africa? In the sciences, would you like a course on astronomy, medical advances in treating disease, the dangers facing our environment or cryptocurrency? These topics are intended strictly as suggestions to start your own thinking.

Are there any speakers that you would recommend for the topics you have recommended? For other topics? We know ILR participants have a variety of backgrounds, and many could provide excellent speaker recommendations. Speakers are not paid, and the purpose of their talks cannot be solely to promote a specific organization.

If you have any ideas for course topics and/or speakers, please send them to Rick Gold, Chair of the ILR Curriculum Committee, at [email protected]. Please include your contact information. We value your input.

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