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Locals have a discussion about booster shots

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As early as this week, the U.S. Health Authorities are expected to recommend an extra dose of the vaccine for all Americans eight months after being fully vaccinated.

The CDC already recommends booster shots for people with weakened immune systems.

Oak Hammock is a retirement / assisted living community associated with the University of Florida.

“About 99% of our entire resident population is vaccinated, “said Marie Okronley, an administrator for the Health Pavillion.

Okronley says if the booster shot is available, her residents would be interested.

“We have a group of highly educated residents, and I’m sure they’ll be the first in line if the vaccine booster is giving the green light to be administered, said Okronley.

Henrietta Logan is a resident who leads a research group at Oak Hammock backed by the CDC.

She says the group has about 155 participants, and they do nasal tests involving antibodies.

“We are aware that there is likely to be booster available to those individuals who are immune-compromised and perhaps soon for those of us who are 65 and older.”

Logan says there is concern about being unvaccinated.

“I am still concerned that everyone gets vaccinated because I think that is the essential part of the campaign to try to get vaccinations so we can control the disease and reduce the spread.

For more updates on recommendations, please visit the CDC website.

(This article was posted on August 17th, 2021 – CBS4 News)

Giselle Thomas