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Marion Siegel – Featured Artist

Categories: Resident Stories

Marion Siegel is an artist. She and her husband moved into Oak Hammock in 2006. After sitting for breakfast one morning, a fellow resident asked Marion to teach art! She was overjoyed and felt so welcomed by the community.

From a young age, Marion had access to artistry. She was always creating something, even if it was only a drawing. She took classes when she was able to. Her father, a farmer, loved to draw pictures of his horse, and her mother loved needlework. Her passion only soared from that point forward.

A particular teacher in Lake County became incredibly close with Marion. What she taught became a mantra to Marion, and she found great inspiration in the teacher’s words and work.

Marion notes the influences Oak Hammock has also had on her artwork. She found great inspiration in the community, particularly Jane Polkowski-Levy. As the director of the Oak Hammock Art Gallery, Jane has inspired Marion to continue her artwork in retirement. Marion thinks it’s important to keep engaged as you age. She says, “you can be whatever, do things you haven’t tried before to whatever degree your body allows you to.”

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