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Peg & Rod Owens

Where are you from? Where have you lived before moving to Oak Hammock?

Peg: I am from Bellport, New York. We lived in central Florida since 1970 and lived in Gainesville for 12 years before moving to Oak Hammock.

Rod: I’m from Alton, Illinois, near St. Louis. We have lived in Oak Hammock since 2016.

What was your career?

Rod: I was a dentist in the Air Force. I eventually opened a practice in Haines City, Florida, which is southwest of Orlando.

Peg: We worked together. I managed the dental office.

What is your biggest accomplishment (professionally or personally)?

Peg: When I moved to a community in central Florida, I became a Master Gardener there and started the Garden Club. At the first meeting I organized, about 14 people showed up. It has since upped to 140 members. I’m really proud to have added to that community. They actually awarded me the leadership award.

Rod: Mine was completing my formal education at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Peg: I run many of the apartment furniture sales. Also, I have been a sewer since I was 11. I do a lot of sewing and I make quilts for skilled nursing. I sold some of the things I’ve made in the arts and crafts show and gave the money to the benevolent fund. I am also a member of the Active Lifestyle committee which includes planning travel and events. The event I put on is the Oak Hammock Tour of Homes, which I have done twice now.

Rod: I visit the fitness center at least twice a week. We spend a lot of time in the ILR classes. Given my background, I like all the science courses. We had a great one not too long ago with several great speakers addressing current problems. I also help out with Recycled Riches. I used to move a lot of furniture for them. I also show the Saturday night movies in the Oak Room. Oak Hammock strives to stay up on technology. Keeping up with it keeps me busy.

What made you want to join the Oak Hammock community?

Peg: We were always coming over to take Institute for Learning in Retirement courses. I’ve been coming since 2011 to take Spanish classes. We also were motivated because we took care of our parents and wanted it to be easier for our son.

Rod: Well, that’s exactly it: planning for the future. Oak Hammock was always very attractive to us. We knew about it before we came to Gainesville.

What is one thing you would want prospective residents to know about Oak Hammock?

Peg: My big thing is that it’s not a rest home. It’s only a rest home if you want it to be. If there’s something you enjoyed doing where you lived before, and it’s not already here, start it!

Rod: Many people don’t realize the levels of care you have here and the fact that they are all under one roof. It’s set up for an easy transition and very easy to visit others. To me, health care is the most important factor. Oak Hammock has the best-rated Skilled Nursing facility in Gainesville, with all private rooms.