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CNA’s have fun with annual competency test

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Certified nursing assistants, or C.N.A.s, are required to complete an annual skills test to ensure they are competent in several tasks related to health care. Oak Hammock has enjoyed making the test fun for its employees. Last year was a Wizard of Oz themed event where CNAs needed to follow “the yellow brick road” and display different tasks along the way.

This year the team partnered with Just Escaped, a family-run business in Gainesville owned by Kevin Godwin that creates spaces in the form of rooms with a group of people required to perform tasks to complete a specific goal – and exit the room.

Just Escaped volunteered dozens of hours and materials to create a unique escape room experience for Oak Hammock’s CNA skills fair by incorporating some of the multitude of tasks a CNA must be competent in performing, a list that includes measuring blood pressure, feeding, catheter care, perineal care and applying elastic support stockings.

WATCH THE MEDIA COVERAGE from our annual CNA competency skills test!