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Aging adults overcome technology challenges

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Christina Gilman just recently took up residence in Florida. She joined a writer’s critique group affiliated with the Writers Alliance of Gainesville and is still challenged by dealing with Dropbox, the online tool writers use to share documents with each other.

She is also a counselor with a doctorate in psychology who gets together with a small group of women to discuss “saging while aging.” One of the topics on her agenda is technology.

Gilman says she calls her technophobia “techie tantrums.”

“Sometimes I want to throw the computer out window. I have a resistance and dislike for technology but I’m also dependent on it. I’m trying to work with that resistance,” said Gilman, who prefers not to give her age.

A technology gap divides older generations—who grew up in a computer-free world—and younger generations who have been born into a digitally driven life. But according to researchers that gap is lessening.

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