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Branching Together: Staff Stories

Develop Your Interests and Get the Experience You Need


The first days can often be the hardest, and a good foundation is often challenging to create. That’s why Oak Hammock wanted to develop an orientation that sets you on the right path. Hoping to answer any and every question you have, along with giving you insights about Oak Hammock and our mission, we hope that you can start on day one confident of your skills and your role on our team.

Cross-Training and Cross-Department

We know that trying to put yourself into one box can be tedious. Having the ability to grow and improve in your work environment is one of the most fundamental parts of a successful business. That’s why Oak Hammock allows our staff to grow from within, be trained and work in various departments and areas of the organization. Hoping to transfer to a different field or to a different location one day? We support ambition among our employees and encourage them as they progress along their career paths.