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Cultivating Kindness in the Workplace!

All Oak Hammock staff members can sign up for as many different raffles as they'd like!

  • Please only enter a raffle for games you can attend.
  • We have 4 tickets to these home games.
  • The first person’s name that is selected in the raffle has the choice to collect either 2 or 4 tickets. If they only want/need 2 tickets, we will draw again for a second employee to win the other 2 tickets.

This raffle is just one of many ways we want to show our appreciation to our staff members. Every employee plays an important role in making Oak Hammock the best place to work and the best place for seniors to retire. We are #TeamOakHammock.

Gators Baseball Tickets for Oak Hammock Staff - Raffle (April 1 & 2)

We have free tickets to raffle off to Oak Hammock staff members for the Gators baseball team’s games against Auburn.

I would like to enter the raffle for tickets to the game on Saturday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. vs. Auburn.
I would like to enter the raffle for tickets to the game on Sunday, April 2 at 1 p.m. vs. Auburn.

The raffle will be held on Monday, March 27 and the winners will be notified shortly afterwards.